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"Artists at Play is mobile, so my classes go from city to city/state to state & wherever I am I always offer classes or Private Coaching sessions" Coach Marci Duncan

Meet the coach!

“I was in the presence of greatness.” 

Patricia Joseph - Student


Marci J. Duncan

 Marci is a SAG/AFTRA actress who taught acting at Florida A&M University for 8 years. and currently teaches acting at the University of Florida.  She earned her MFA in Acting from the University of Florida. She has worked professionally on camera in the Lifetime TV Network movie, Life is not a Fairytale: Fantasia Barrino Story and the blockbuster Urban Drama, Just Another Day. Recently, Marci is filming a Co-starring role on an NBC network comedy series Young Rock.  Marci has also starred in The Mountaintop and James Webb's award winning play, The Contract. Marci has filmed several commercials and as an acting coach she has helped countless actors to gain confidence in their craft through Artists at Play classes and private coaching. 


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