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These classes and workshops will teach you simple techniques that will help you go into the audition room with more confidence and sound technique!



These classes and workshops will teach you simple techniques that will help you go into the audition room with more confidence and sound technique.


Acting 101

Focuses on self in order to nurture your artists. We go DEEP! We will uncover emotional roadblocks that prevent you from connecting truthfully with your acting.



Audition Series

Focuses on perfecting the art of auditioning. Learning those key elements about your audition that can get you the call back.



Acting Intensive

This class focuses on relationships. How to create a believable relationship with your scene partner on stage and on camera.  How to offer rich and fresh acting choices in your acting.



Analysis Intensive

This class teaches the importance of analysis. It makes it easy, and directly links the analysis to your acting choices on stage and on camera. Taught in an easy formula that you can use to prepare for any acting job!



Monologue Intensive

Breaks down the technical components in delivering a monologue. We discuss the three important beats of a monologue which help to bring clarity and focus to the actors delivery.


Classes are scheduled upon availability so please stay tuned. Classes can be done in a one/two day workshop style or 8/12 week series where we meet once a week. Classes are for Adults ONLY 18+



Private Coaching is always available in person OR long distance. We will connect once a week for a mutually agreed upon amount of time (weeks/months)


Private Coaching

Have an audition to get ready for, or just want to perfect your craft? We can work one-on-one to discover your strengths and those things that may be holding you back from booking.



Industry Coaching

Wanna break into the entertainment business? I can walk you step-by-step on pursuing acting as a Job-FULL TIME!



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